August 23 2014

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DVF Throws A Ladies’ Night For International Women’s Day


“It’s women’s day, women’s week, women’s month, and women’s year. But it’s not that we don’t like men, we love men!” Diane von Furstenberg enthused at her Meatpacking studio. For DVF, every day may be ladies’ day, but for the U.N.-approved International Women’s Day yesterday, the ageless designer—effervescent in purple sequins despite just deplaning a flight from L.A.—launched a specially dedicated CD. “We do something every year, and it was my staff that came up with the idea,” von Furstenberg explained. The girl-power music compilation—thankfully, with nary a Spice Girl in sight—features tracks from Tegan and Sara, Bebel Gilberto, Joss Stone, and Estelle, among others. Proceeds from sales of the CD and an International Women’s Day DVF tote will go to benefit Vital Voices, a charity focused on investing in disadvantaged women worldwide. For her part, Estelle was flattered to have her single “Shine” included. “Anything I can do to help,” the singer told us. “But you know Diane, she’s amazing. It’s not often in our industries that you meet a woman like that. She does the work, you know?” Von Furstenberg was indeed doing a bit of work—the designer was giving a test run to a lovely floral perfume she’s perfecting—but don’t call her a role model. She deadpanned: “You only start being called a role model when you get old.”

Photo: Amber De Vos/

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