August 23 2014

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For Arianna Huffington, It’s Daughter Knows Best


Shoppers looking for shoes at Barneys’ Beverly Hills store last night got more than they bargained for: Specifically, Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post senior editor Willow Bay, Barneys’ Julie Gilhart, and designer Rozae Nichols discussing sustainability, the death of print media, and “joy-triggers” (a term Huffington coined for the simple pleasures in life). They’d gathered to celebrate the Barneys launch of Nichols’ Ian line (named for her husband, but for ladies only), which creates joy-triggers of the laser-cut dress variety. “For me it’s all about the classics…pieces that won’t be obsolete and that will work for you,” Nichols (pictured with Huffington) said of her creations, which are inspired by minimalist art and by her travels.

Given that Ian is manufactured locally in Los Angeles, and that human and labor rights is a central issue for Nichols, it usurped a large portion of the panel’s focus. It’s an issue that was also close to the heart of one notable attendee, Waris Ahluwalia. “If I get something, it’s from brands I believe in,” says Ahluwalia who, in fact, gets most of his clothes custom-made. “I work with craftsmen around the world; I know their families. I know how they work and I know how they function. We’ve been separated from where things are made, whether it’s food or clothing. I know where my eggs come from and I want to know where my clothes come from. It’s consumption and it can’t just be blind.”

Huffington, on the other hand, leaves her decision making, at least when it comes to shopping, to her daughters. “When I go to a store, it’s always with my daughters. I never go on my own,” admitted the media mogul, who was wearing her own Ian white silk blouse with gold embellished overlay (a Huffington family pick). “I typically go to the places they want to go, and I love to see the new trends and what the young people are buying.” Occasionally, though, the young people do not love to see what she’s bought. “I remember once I was leaving the house,” Huffington laughed, “and my daughter [said over] the intercom, ‘Fashion emergency, do not let her leave the house.’”

Photo: Ryan Rickett



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