August 27 2014

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From Buckingham Palace To The Empire State


Fresh off an audience with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, Peter Pilotto, Todd Lynn, Mark Fast, and other London up-and-comers are in New York this week showing off their Fall wares. The designers are squired away in the penthouse of the Soho Grand from now until Thursday afternoon, but a few arrived in time to enjoy the sunny weekend weather. Louise Gray hit the Chelsea flea market with Ed Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff, where she scooped up piles of Guatemalan textiles and Meadham bought lots of little dolls. A few tiny porcelain arms were strung on his leather cord necklace, and it’s not a stretch to imagine them showing up one way or another at the duo’s next show. These are the men, after all, whose orders went way up after their Christmas ornament-inspired collection hit the runway. (In case you were wondering, Ikram Goldman bought the pipe cleaner tiaras.) Other designers are sticking around this weekend. Holly Fulton, for her part, is planning a trip to the Empire State Building, a fitting destination for a talent whose breakout Spring show featured prints and embroideries of Art Deco-style buildings not unlike the New York landmark. Her main goal, however, is finding a U.S. store to stock her distinctive new bejeweled snakeskin shift dresses (pictured), which take their inspiration from the Parisian stained glass artist Louis Barillet. Are you listening, retailers?

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  1. MonicaMacha says:

    Nicole, I love the correlation of fashion with historical architecture. Art deco is a strong linear statement, along with bold graphic color inspired by stained glass, is a gorgeous and energetic interpretation. Monica

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