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Globe-Trotting For Less


There’s nothing new about England’s storied Globe-Trotter—the company’s been creating luggage since 1897—but it is having a bit of a moment at present. (J.Crew recently started stocking its cases, and Marni’s Consuelo Castiglioni customized one for Browns’ 40th anniversary collection.) What’s been good enough for explorer Sir Edmund Hillary (who took a Globe-Trotter on his Everest expedition) and Queen Elizabeth II (who toted a Trotter along on her honeymoon—rawr!) is certainly good enough for me; it’s the unapologetically high prices that stand in the way. Luckily, when Terence Conran announced he’s shutting the doors of his 59th Street flagship in Manhattan and moving his operation to ABC Carpet in Union Square, he docked prices across his inventory. The Globe-Trotter Centenary air case (pictured) dropped from $1,000 to $272.50; a trolley case that hovered close to $1,700 retail is now $421.25. Now the only question is, where am I off to? And Liz II, you coming with?

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