August 31 2014

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Minnie Mortimer Grows Up


“Grown-up” clothes are the talk of the runways in these nose-to-the-grindstone times. They’re what’s next for Minnie Mortimer, too—though in the spirit of a good time, she’s not one to take maturation lying down. “I really think that the clothes reflect that my own life is changing,” the designer said at home in L.A. “I’m just straddling that time in my life when I’m still a young girl who wants to go out, and yet I’m being dragged into adulthood. My wardrobe has to keep up with that.” Girls just want to have fun, in other words. Well, there are still Mortimer’s preppy shirtdresses for that, but for Fall, she’s added more tailored daywear and a few elegant matte silk blouses with Victorian details to the mix. (Suiting separates shown with tiny bloomer shorts should dispel any fears that she’s getting gray before her time.) “I’m starting to develop some new fabrics, and I’ve been drawing new prints and colors that I am going to incorporate into my new designs,” she continued. “Just learning how to design and print my own fabrics has been such an amazing process for me. Playing with the different width of stripes, the sizes, and the separation between them.” Play and work—not a bad compromise.

Photo: Courtesy of Minnie Mortimer

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