August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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“One Word: Plastics”


When Kara and Adam Mendelsohn (she, a fashion sales director; he, a designer and consultant) launched KBL Eyewear last season, they focused their attentions on revamping classic styles in wire frames—and, believe it or not, at affordable prices. That won them an audience with the likes of Barneys, Kirna Zabête, and Otte, all of whom snapped up the designs. For their second collection, the duo has expanded to plastic, working in fine Italian acetate. Their new styles are inspired, Adam told us, by a trip to Treviso, Italy, where he stumbled upon a vintage eyewear showroom. That might not make it into the Lonely Planet guides, but credit the guy for single-minded pursuit of his craft, especially with results like these. We particularly like the Wild Promises style (above left), a boxy, unisex shape, and the girly, Jackie O-ish Now Now Now (above right). Both make use of KBL’s exclusively developed dream blue, an icy shade reminiscent of the glacial tones Karl used for Chanel. The specs list is long, but if you like a little drudgery with your eyewear, you’ll be happy to know that Kara hand-letters the style name on the inner arm of each pair.

Wild Promises and Now Now Now, each $135, available at

Photo: Steven Torres



  1. stet says:

    Love that the Wild Promises shape is a bit cat-eye.

    You can also get them here for $50 off, when you opt into the mailing list:

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