April 21 2014

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Porcelain’s Big Break


Porcelain: so delicate and refined a material—and an aesthetic suggestion—it’s actually surprising that Olivia Ma Corwin and Kai Ma Wilson (pictured) are the first designers to name a clothing label after it. But the hard/soft duality the sisters have established with their debut womenswear collection couldn’t be a better fit for the name. “The concept of the label came from the idea of china dolls, as a reference to our Chinese background. But it also references the idea of fragility paired with a hardness,” Corwin said. Case in point: the sleek black lace minidress she herself was wearing to Porcelain’s launch party last night at Hotel Griffou. “It’s elegance with an edge,” she went on. “We strategically lined the dress in certain areas and left it exposed in others. It’s definitely for our more adventurous wearer.” That selectively daring customer should also appreciate the discreetly burlesque tone set by many of Porcelain’s other standout looks—anyone obsessed with Diane Kruger’s ensembles in Inglourious Basterds will find plenty to love. There to appreciate Porcelain’s “individually universal” approach was a dynamic crowd: Arden Wohl and Amy Sacco, designers Max Osterweis and Brian Atwood, and an impressive smattering of the young and social, along with their de facto queen, Ann Dexter-Jones. Even Sting, whose wife Trudie Styler co-hosted the event, made a surprising cameo. “They are some of our biggest supporters,” Corwin said of the couple. “Trudie already wears Porcelain all the time. A year ago, Porcelain was just a concept. Now, Sting is here celebrating with us. Not a bad way to launch a line!”





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