August 22 2014

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Shipley & Halmos, “Multitalented Dudes”


Back to the drawing board. The latest project from the guys behind Shipley & Halmos isn’t—technically—fashion at all. It’s a new blog, Numerous Drawings, where Sam Shipley creates a daily doodle (the only rules: pencil and marker only; no erasing) and posts it for the world to see. “I’ve always done these sketches—just sort of as a creative exercise,” Shipley told us. That exercise takes many forms, from Cartier watches to a series of quick portraits made without looking at the paper (that’s Halmos by Shipley, left) to a sketch of the duo’s Greene Street studio made exclusively for “We’re multitalented dudes; we try to keep it fresh around here,” Shipley said simply. Bookmark for daily time-wasting of the aesthetic variety.

Illustrations: Sam Shipley

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