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The Crystal Method


Earlier this week, Whitney Biennial attendees spotted Chloë Sevigny rocking a pair of metal-plated jeans; the week before that, paparazzi snapped Kylie Minogue stepping out in a similar pair. Their armorer is Husam el Odeh, the London-based jeweler who collaborated with Acne on a range of metal-accented denim. El Odeh is a frequent guest star for other brands—he’s also collaborated with Topman and the Japanese label Miharayasuhiro—but his own collection, which he unveils in Paris this week, shows he’s more than able to stand on his own. The new collection takes inspiration from the fractalized forms of molecules and crystals: Semiprecious stones have been placed upside down in settings constructed from a single sheet of metal, folded origami-style. “I quite like how the restriction of having to fit the stones onto a shape that was once flat almost gives the piece its own sense of rhythm,” el Odeh told “I play with all sorts of materials, some quite unusual,” he continued, citing experiments with glacé fruit and candy. “In some ways, it’s led me to treat classic jewelry materials as unusual in themselves.”

Photo: Courtesy of Husam el Odeh



  1. LeilaSilva says:

    I love the idea the differents designs for the jewelry. Like the paintings and sculptures they are unique pieces and thus be thought about and treated this form. No limits to creation with taste style.

    Leila Silva

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