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Yay, Nay, Or Eh? It’s All In The Mix


Despite a TV show that never quite caught on in the U.S. and a faint lingering of what-is-it-she-does-again, Alexa Chung has become a veritable style icon. (Just ask the customers—celebs included—eager to snap up Mulberry’s Alexa bag, or Chanel, which named her a brand ambassador.) As a result of the attention, she’s mostly traded her schoolgirl smocks and so-nerdy-they’re-cool shoes for sleek runway ensembles. But the look she adopted for a quick shopping trip in Silver Lake made us remember the dressed-down Alexa that originally caught our eye. The Isabel Marant tunic doesn’t quite go with the floppy leopard hat, white manicure, and, er, sensible sandals, but that’s precisely what we love about the pairing. What do you think? Is Alexa Chung a true fashion guru, or is it all bollocks?

Photo: Fern / Splash News



  1. leatherlaceandstuds says:

    I love her, I find her very witty as well as beautiful (maybe a bit more meat on those bones though) and I love her quirky style as well as the sleek runway looks she can pull off so well. Not sure on these sandals and white nails though :/ looks like tipex!

  2. holierthannow says:

    I don’t think someone has to be a fashion guru for people to love their style – I think people like Alexa because she kind of dresses like a dork who woke up with a closet full of Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang – which is probably pretty much what happened.

    She makes it look possible.

    Holier than Now

  3. Mitten says:

    This picture shows why she really IS a true fashion guru! She’s completely comfortable with her own style and that makes her look GREAT.

  4. NotMod says:

    It is hard to know what’s one’s personal style these days! There is so much to choose from already, it is only too common to find out that after trying to be original for too long, your cherished choices are bound to be waiting, ready made on a rack somewhere. If not that season, then the next. It’s at most half pleasant to find out which, exactly…

    Sure, inventing a personal style couldn’t possibly be as demanding as making it up for someone else, let alone countless anonymous others. Kudos to the gracious trade!

    Bottom line: I cannot begin to guess what is Alexa Chung original in the picture, except the figure – it would take following her style, AND her references for a significant period of time to know any better. Not a very polite task…

    Without knowing all that, the picture looks great and worth following – if I could possibly get away with that outfit. Rendering a seaside style in cold spring materials sounds wonderful though! Terrifically tempting. Something along those lines ought to be feasible within any constraints. Lovely!

  5. mercuryloge says:

    i expect that the Marant dress looks nice close up, but it doesn’t come across as too tailored or striking in the pic – there is nothing wrong with hat, bad, nails and shoes, but they are all studiously unremarkable, and don’t project the image of a fashion plate that apparently this nice woman allegedly is (i have heard her name) \,,/ twitter

  6. SVUITTON says:


  7. jordan 9 says:

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