August 22 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Animal Magnetism


The Brucennial, the art collective Bruce High Quality Foundation’s annual free-for-all expo, may pride itself on being the downtown alternative to a certain Biennial uptown, but at last night’s Vito Schnabel-hosted party for the show, furs—a 10021 staple if ever there was one—were on display. Chloë Sevigny and artist Aurel Schmidt both wore bold skin jackets to the event, as did The Smile’s Melia Marden. (Schmidt also wore a fur—a gray ombré one—to attend the Whitney Biennial opening last week.) They’re right in step with the mood of the coming season—Fall’s runways saw a profusion of fur, especially here in New York. What do you think? Is the blue-blood mainstay ready for a young-blood revival, or is this a look better left on the Upper East?



  1. alexi1 says:

    actually, I think it’s really gross that supposedly politically-conscious people such as Chloe even wear fur to begin with. FUR IS CRUEL AND BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! Tisk, tisk If you were a true innovator you would be questioning this influx in fur in the first place, and offering eco-friendly alternatives to this unfortunate and cruel ‘trend.’

    Wake up America.
    And stop trying to make yourself feel established and important by wearing the skin of a helpless, innocent animal on your naive backs.

  2. stylaholicCreature says:

    big fat “NO” to fur. fake leopard print is fine, but GEEZ, come on it’s gross. although are the same animals that are used for leather also used for their meat? i hope so…. but really, why are we so against fur per se and not alligator boots or ostrich bags? i find them gross as well, but overall, no one is picketing against that….hmmmmm

  3. mikeijames says:

    chloe sevigny has never looked more fantastic in her unstudied and undone way. for the uptown girl, a fur is a status symbol, but for the downtown girl, it’s something perverse and evocative. it takes all of those crazy stereotypes — the same ones we’ve had since the fifties? — and turns them completely on their head. for anyone looking how to pull one of those amazing furs from the catwalk onto the street, this is how to do it. with absolute irony.

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