August 22 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Flower Power


A boatload of the hottest young English designers at a fête hosted by the English starlet (cum-American-collegian) Emma Watson? Ignore the passed pizzas at Pulino’s, New York’s hot spot to be, and you could believe you were hobnobbing on the other side of the Atlantic. No surprise, then, that hostess Watson opted to appear in a Fall ’10 frock by Christopher Kane. Kane’s leather-and-lace looks have been getting a lot of play from fashion types and celebrities alike, but we think this one looks bewitching (couldn’t resist!) on Emma. With details like these, you don’t need much else, and Watson lets her hair down and accessorizes simply with black pumps and a small gold clutch. We say she does the motherland proud. How about you?

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Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene



  1. MilanaFSA says:

    Hmm.. I think she’s really pretty, but I’m not loving this dress on her…

    Milana from

  2. NotMod says:

    There is allot to carry in that dress. Quite extraordinary! And the shoes sing along too…

    As for the wearer, wouldn’t judge anybody from a top-down picture like this.

  3. Valerio says:

    Hmmm I don’t know, the dress is marvelous, but my humble opinion is that it don’t fit her. It’s just a feeling, I can’t explain why. I would prefer a dress on her from the Spring 2010 RTW collection of Alberta Ferretti. Very wearable for young woman of her age and almost always elegant and sophisticated.

  4. mugenpower says:

    I love those flowers on the skirt, but not the top portion. Li from

  5. NoLaura says:

    I’m always fond of her. If turn into bright color as loralwhite or grapefruit, I think it would be suit for her for this one is a little formal for her.

  6. ElleMarie says:

    I think she looks fantastic. She always dresses very well, and this is a very exciting dress that suits a young woman like her! I like how the leather almost looks like satin that won’t crease! Love it!

  7. futurefashionzoey says:

    adorable! love her style.

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