July 13 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Harem Apparent


Lindsay Lohan’s scarcely appeared during Milan fashion week—no big shock, considering the drubbing the fashion press gave her Ungaro collection—but she did make it to Roberto Cavalli’s show and, of course, after-party last night. In her Cavalli sequined harem pants and Dolce & Gabbana fur vest, Lohan feels a bit like a blast from the (recent) past. It’s hard to object to her outfit, but it’s also hard to get excited by it—especially given that she’s likely got her pick of the new runways. Lindsay’s had her up and downs, but we’d say she can do better. What say you?

Photo: MCP / Rex / Rex USA



  1. NotMod says:

    The ‘harem’ cut and feathery fur have a mysterious something in common… I do not remember that connection to have been made on the runaway? The [very impressive!] colorful pearls and exotic metalwork of the bangles call a certain kind of fashion to mind, and it isn’t from the recent past…

    Come to think of it: there have been a number of exotic militaria thrown here and there in the recent past – would be only too happy if the theme were to be given a focused nod, somewhere. There is delicate art in those objects, almost everywhere.

    Sure enough, no idea what the wearer’s intention was; it is all too easy too see a grand story in almost anything…

  2. stylaholicCreature says:

    it looks like she has a giant diaper on…a giant wet, diaper. this is the epitome of pathetic.

  3. stylaholicCreature says:

    she is wearing a giant, wet diaper under those?? This is the epitome of pathetic.

  4. Carlyv says:

    Nay Nay Nay!

  5. Mitten says:

    She looks like Huggie-Bear.

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