July 22 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Kristen Stewart, Runaway Fashionista


Kristen Stewart may look more comfortable in well-worn hoodies and Chuck Taylors, but that doesn’t stop the Twilight mega-star from turning up on red carpets in some very fashion-forward duds. Remember her in look 20 from Proenza Schouler’s Spring ’10 collection at the New Moon premiere in London? Rumor has it Stewart actually selects all her own looks from a catalog supplied by her stylist, which makes this girly Doo.Ri frock—worn to the L.A. premiere of The Runaways—a surprising pick for the tomboyish actress. We think she looks fresh and age-appropriate in the bright hue, sheer detailing, and short hem. We won’t, however, comment on the hair. What do you think? Are you a fan of K-Stew’s trendy red-carpet style or would you prefer to see her go another route?

Photo: Kyle Rover / Startraks Photo



  1. KeshaMarie says:

    It is nice to see her in something bright and cheerful for a change :)

  2. zibzabboy says:

    She is a beautiful girl but she looks kind of uncomfortable in this dress. I think she should wear what makes her feel beautiful and comfortable. I have created a blog that is all about style. check it out.

  3. closetcoach says:

    While I’m glad to see her finally wearing some colors, this dress is ill-fitting and unflattering to her shape. And someone should teach the poor girl to stand up straight!

  4. MilanaFSA says:

    I must say that I admire her edge and the will to be different from everyone else, but her look here doesn’t do anything for me. She look uncomfortable…

    Milana from

  5. Mitten says:

    Don’t get me wrong: I love Kristen. But she needs a new stylist. I have never seen her on the red carpet looking comfortable in the beautiful clothes she wears.
    She needs to go the Meryl Streep route, and wear what works for her and not mess around with stylists and brand names. Kristen is HOT, but she looks silly in clothes that wear her.

  6. futurefashionzoey says:

    love it!!

  7. NotMod says:

    The pose does look a bit strange[I assume this is why the word 'uncomfortable' keeps coming up - I get the same feeling from the picture...]. But not the dress! I’d probably keep a conservative jacket close at hand with that, but hei, it wouldn’t be on red carpet either.

  8. mugenpower says:

    Even though I like Kristen a lot, and I really think she is very natural hot, but I will say Nay on this particular outfit that she wears. Totally destroyed her cuteness. Li from

  9. lucie11 says:

    i agree with mitten. she looks so uncomfortable i would rather see her wearing neon green bubble-wrap.

  10. digiboy says:

    Well for one, she is growing out a mullet from her last film, so there is not much else she can do without her hair besides an updo (which would be much better till she grows it out properly) but I think she’d be the kind of girl to ask for it down, see as she seems to prefer a less ‘fussy’ style..

    The dress is not super flattering, she could have used a bag or a belt to balance it out, or just posed properly..
    She looks bottom heavy.
    She’s still fab though, good on her for not conforming 100% to the red-carpet glam look!
    I’d love to see her in Balmain, don’t ya think?

  11. MarLuna says:

    love the colour but not the style

  12. shevira says:

    i love kristen so much. i love her style, her act, her smile and everything about her. And she looks fabulous in every occasion. But i think she needs to change her style lately coz she always wear the same type of dress and shoes. but anyway, i still love her as my favorite actress ever. Bravo Kristen.

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