August 30 2014

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An Open Letter To Barbie


No offense, Barbie, but you’re a girl who gets around, and people are starting to talk about it. Sure, once you’re past 50 you’ve got to hustle a bit to stay in the game, but everybody from Christian Louboutin to Mad Men has gotten a piece of the action lately. The whole collab act has worn a little thin lately. But we’re inclined to give your latest joint venture, with Chrome Hearts, a pass—there’s a little spirit behind this one. Brand founders Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark outfitted you in some pretty un-Barbie outfits—not like that time you were a nurse or a firefighter, either. This time, you’ve got grungester frizz (and a flannel dress, pictured), a nouveau-Winehouse bouffant, even a Mohawk. The custom-made Chrome Hearts jewelry and accessories are pretty badass, too, must say. You’re even holding yourself a little taller—now around three feet or so. So we’re looking forward to your Chrome Hearts-outfitted debut at Miami’s Alchemist later this week, where you and your MySize friends will show off your new looks and Oribe-styled ‘dos. The girls that loved you when they were kids—the “sugar, spice, and everything nice” ones—they probably won’t approve. But we think the slugs/snails/puppy-dog-tails ones, who played with the boys and kicked up some dirt, will be amused. We are—but after this, let’s take a break, shall we? We’d kill for a Malibu Dream House to retire to.

The Chrome Hearts + Barbie dolls will be on view at Alchemist, 1111 Lincoln Rd., Miami,, for two weeks starting April 10. After that, they’ll travel to Tokyo, New York, London, Las Vegas, L.A., and Shanghai.

Photo: Laurie Lynn Stark/Courtesy of Chrome Hearts



  1. MilanaFSA says:

    I don’t like her outfit or hair! ;) Maybe some denim short and some purple in her hair would do the trick!

    Milana from

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