August 30 2014

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Are You Ready To Revisit The Classics?


For an industry as obsessed with change as fashion is, there certainly were plenty of designers thinking about the past this season. Miuccia Prada said she was revising things she did in the nineties (though, it must be said, most of her almost-15-year-old designs look just as modern today as they did during the Clinton years). Marc Jacobs, who told us it was refreshing to stop trying so hard to be new, tweaked signatures like tweedy three-quarter-length coats and long skirts. And at Dolce & Gabbana, a video showing Domenico Dolce expertly tailoring a jacket was a moving backdrop to the parade of trademark sexy suits he and Stefano Gabbana sent down the runway. As far as trends go, this return to roots is about as customer-friendly as they come. After all, how else would these pieces become classics if they weren’t beloved in the first place?

Click here for more examples of the now and the then, and tell us what you make of the connections.



  1. LeilaSilva says:

    I feel that this “visit” to the classic style is a way to honor the true feminine elegance. One reading modern through the latest fabrics and patterns is inevitable, is evolution. Unite the elegance and modernity seems to be the ideal marriage, celebrated by fashion.

    Leila Silva

  2. FrenchCactus says:

    I like the “Before” outfits more than the new ones. Is something wrong?

  3. kokeshi says:

    I thought the same: I’d chose the “then”looks over the “now” outfits anytime!

  4. EmilyTheDressmaker says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that designer’s are looking to the roots of their labels. When things are moving too rapidly in politics and culture, people in general often find comfort in what they know; in certainty and therefore, in styles of the past and traditional values. So, I think this move is a very natural progression.

  5. EmilyTheDressmaker says:

    And another thing, if the fashion-conscious in society are feeling a turn to tradition due to the pressing changes occuring in society now, designers are spot on for appealing to this consumer demand.

  6. frozenbeneath says:

    The Post-Modernist movement has now entered it’s ever-feared paradox; we have ran out of work to reference!

  7. dancinglittleliar says:

    i find it sad that designers are resorting to drawing from previous ideas. we are desperate for a revolution to happen. something like punk or new romantic that defines a decade hasnt happened in a long time!

  8. mighhv says:

    So? This is history мода

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