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At Seoul Fashion Week: Girls Will Be Boys


In Korea, girls still giggle. On a popular talk show, housewives compete to thread needles, shred radishes, and change babies in the least amount of time. And as Hong Hyejin, the designer of the excellent, intellectual Studio K line, describes, “At 11 a.m., women will head to the department store to meet their girlfriends. They then have lunch and shop. Around 5 p.m., they go to the bottom floor and buy food to cook their husbands’ dinner. That is their life.” Yet menswear-inspired pieces made the strongest statement at Seoul’s fashion week this season. Kaal E. Suktae began his joyful Moschino-like, comic book-inspired womenswear collection with a series of suit jackets and sheer pleated pants. Johnny Hates Jazz, one of the leading younger labels, crafted miniskirts and caftans of traditional Savile Row fabrics. Dong-woo Han included two female models in his Irony Porn(o) menswear collection, dressing them in radically off-scale suits with snug jackets and billowing trousers. But the most striking and sexy display of gender play was Miss Gee, Seoul’s chic ladies’ favorite, whose show started with a series of couples (pictured)—girls in flapper garb and Sonia Rykel hair, paired with Seoul’s supermodels dressed up as dapper, thirties-style men in suits and overcoats, who stalked down the runway a few feet behind their dames.

Photo: Staff

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