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Dana Lorenz Is New To The Crew


When you need a favor, it helps to have friends in high places. Or, in the case of Jenna Lyons, to be a friend in a high place. Several months ago, Lyons, the creative director of J.Crew, was trying (and failing) to track down a few pieces of Fenton/Fallon jewelry, a problem with no real solution until she ran into Fenton/Fallon designer Dana Lorenz (pictured, with Lyons) at a dinner. “It was a party hosted by Maria Cornejo,” Lorenz recalled last night the Soho J.Crew store. “I remember, I was wearing a chambray shirt with paint all over it, because I hadn’t expected to be able to make it. Anyway,” Lorenz continued, “Jenna told me that she was looking for these pieces, and they were all sold out. I offered to make them up for her, as a favor.” Lyons decided that the real favor Lorenz could do for her was to join the J.Crew fold for a season. The Fenton/Fallon for J. Crew collection is on the sales floor now; Lorenz describes the range as a “mash-up” of her two brands. “It’s a little less statement-y than Fenton, a little more statement-y than Fallon,” Lorenz said, “and I’m kind of loving the contrast with the preppy little blazers and things.” Prices start at $95 for the Carrington chain bracelet, below.

Photos: Billy Farrell/; Courtesy of J.Crew



  1. LeilaSilva says:

    Bracelets are pieces that holds a lot of personality and I think the reason of chains very appropriate. I like the idea of using them like alternative to the necklaces.

    Leila Silva

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