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Rebecca Minkoff Goes For The (Rose) Gold


Rebecca Minkoff is trading up. At Saks Fifth Avenue’s request, the New York accessory and ready-to-wear designer is launching a new line of more expensive Rebecca Minkoff Collection bags at the department store this week. For the many fans who helped her complete 200,000 sales since launching her company five years ago, it might take some getting used to the new zero on the price tag (the new line ranges from about $550 to $2,000), but Minkoff says the new details are worth it. “I get to play in an area I couldn’t justify before,” she told us. “There’s real gold in the rose gold hardware, and I’m using these amazing, beautiful calfskins and upper-tier materials that a Prada would use.” Experiencing firsthand how the other half designs has opened Minkoff up to the possibility of a more full-blown higher-end range, but for now she’s really getting behind the Saks project, visiting eight of the chain’s stores across the country in less than two and a half weeks. First up is Saks’ Beverly Hills location on April 22. “I’m autographing bags now,” she said. “When customers ask, I’m always like, ‘Are you sure you want me to do that?’ ” You can keep up with Minkoff’s bag tour on her blog,

Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff

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