August 20 2014

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The Flare Essentials?


After several seasons of skintight pants, designers expanded their offerings for Fall with trousers cut more generously at the hems. “The flared pant looks fresh, and they make legs look like they go on forever,” Derek Lam told us. “That kind of exaggerated proportion looks right, right now.” Joseph Altuzarra and Balmain‘s Christophe Decarnin likewise went long, with narrow rock-chick trousers that fanned out over the feet. At Prada and Rochas (left), meanwhile, the style took the form of kick flares cropped well above the ankle. Not necessarily leg-elongating, but a strong, directional look nonetheless.

Click to see the slideshow, and let us know if you’ll dare to flare.

Photo: Marcio Madeira



  1. sthoma13 says:

    But what to do about all those drab citizens still wearing those dreaded denim flares from 10 years ago? For me, this is refreshing, but as for the mass market–this trend might be a little premature.

  2. amandaskoda says:

    Most women don’t feel comfortable wearing skin tight pants, as they reveal a little too much. Flared pants, on the other hand, create the balance we need. Love them!

  3. fashionablyred says:

    I think most of us are still quite sick of flared pants… exactly as sthoma pointed out, they look like they’re from 10 years ago. Maybe passable if they’re short trousers, but otherwise I would def. say this is the opposite of a trend.

  4. vk82 says:

    I disagree with Stoma and fashionablered .
    I am sick of skinny jeans and pants ,they are not flattering and women need more options. Im all for flares but I like wide leg pants the best

  5. tyeneshia says:

    no wonder my skinny’s i just bought yesterday were on sale. Flared pants could work but if you keep the pants wide and gradually flare from the thigh.

  6. stylet says:

    This reveals the scam that this induatry is…its not about style and grace at all…
    Ofcouse after we spent tons of moeny on skinny pants now they want us to spend tons of money again on flare pants till they go out of style again in couple of years…thats why the smart people don’t give in to this trends of the moment

  7. petitya says:

    I can honestly state that I dislike the flare leg – but I know they can be flattering on a certain body type. Before the skinny leg came into trend I would alter my pants to get that effect. Here’s hoping the skinny leg doesn’t disappear for good because they do work on more people than you’d imagine. To say they’re unflattering on everyone is a bold faced lie.

  8. shamon_f says:

    I am 50/50 on this trend. One half I like it because the new detail on the pants allows for more versatility in the closet of women. The other half is like what stylet said: consumers spent loads of money on skinny’s, and now they are not in/ not as cool. Then expect people to embrace the new flare–like skinny’s were never in. That’s not cool. But one must realize that–fashion is a business.

  9. madameroyale says:

    I agree that the skinny pant look is over, but flares? A nice pair of tailored, high waisted pants is much more flattering.

  10. Halehtv says:

    Check out these velvet legging flares from Haleh Nematzadeh’s F/W 2010 collection

  11. vk82 says:

    skinnies wore cool back in 2004 2005 but because of high speed internet , rapid technology which allowed easy access of trends , the skinny jean/pant is now over kill , when this happens , fashion moves to a new look . As someone said , its business .

  12. asffcs says:

    Still love skinny, stylish, minimalist, chic. Flare looks old.

  13. opinion says:

    too little time since these things went OUT,
    and too little of a fresh attitude. nothing I gonna be wearing.

  14. Jullye says:

    I think its time to change.. still love skinny. But i work in tailoring brand and i think some women still like flared pants and they look so glamorous wearing it.

  15. alisonzk says:

    Oh thank God…
    I was so sick of skinny pants!
    They make your hips look like godzilla hips. Even if you’re a 2 size (believe me, I’ve seen it)
    I really rather flare pants…

  16. 1designer says:

    I like both ways of doing pants; it gives my closet diversity. There is no rule about what you have to wear; good taste is good taste no matter what shape your pants are. it’s not like people didn’t look chic when flares were popular before.

  17. 5tyle says:

    All those fashion-unaware people who were never clued in enough to wear skinny really lucked out, they don’t even need to buy new pants and now their boot-cut hip-riding flares circa 1997 are “in” again by default.

  18. Kathryn11 says:

    I’ll wear flared slacks and trousers, but as for flared jeans I despise them.

  19. abroel says:

    Just because another type of pant is being introduced doesn’t mean the other type is going to be obsolete suddenly. I think its refreshing to see another style, I’m always willing to try something new.

    I love flares paired with a longer jacket that resemble a chic 60s/70s look like in behnaz sarafpour.

  20. victorvargas says:

    The flared look is easier to dress up and makes women look Chic and polished. The skinny look only works well on thin women but like a couple of others said, the two looks can coexist.

  21. sunshine123 says:

    I don’t think it has to be flares, but skinnies are getting old.

  22. EmilyTheDressmaker says:

    Hmm… I think it’s important to understand the trend cycle before you criticise the industry and the flare pant trend. To Stylet, skinny pants weren’t really a trend, they are an investment piece, they will never be ‘out-of-fashion’ and the article states they have been at the forefront for several seasons. Other pant styles simply emerge into the spotlight as fads or trends, like the flare.

    As a fashion student who regularly analyses the history of dress, I think the flare pant leg trend is really appropriate for the current fashion market, especially when modern tailoring and contradicting aesthetics and proportions are played with. Besides, it’s only natural to work in an opposite direction once the market has been saturated by a single style.

    To sthoma13, interesting observation! I guess this is a situation where it comes down to how the pants are worn and it’s indidividual aesthetic/fabric choice/length and height. Those denim flares are definitely a no-no! Too tight at the thigh and too flared at the ankle! This kind of flare is in the immediate past, so it’s not a style that can be brought back with acceptance. HOWEVER, flares from the 60s and 70s can be revived and reinvented as a fresh approach to pant design.

  23. zeeess says:

    In fashion, what goes around comes around every now and then. I agree with stylet about the underlying agenda of wanting consumers to spend more on new trends. I’m all about sticking to your own personal style and embracing the bits and pieces of new trends that you feel comfortable with. I never felt comfortable with tights so I never wore them. I’ve always felt comfortable with flares so I will continue to wear them. It’s as simple as that.

  24. sunshine123 says:

    I have been hearing an awful lot about how skinnies just don’t look good on many people, and I agree. I previously said skinnies are getting old, but I think they can be fashionable as well as flares, depending on how comfortable the woman feels.

  25. recklesscouture says:

    truthfully, i think the flare look is not for everyone, as the skinny look. for example, plus sized females should NEVER wear skinnies and super petite females should never wear flares. it all depends on body type, not just because it’s in.

  26. MelissaMcI says:

    I am a big fan of skinnies but I think the flare starting at the thigh cascading over the shoes are very chic. However, I think the skinny pant will stay simply for the functionality (that is if you live anywhere where snow and cold weather are an issue), you can’t very well tuck a bell flare into a pair of boots can you?

  27. thatchick says:

    Are we really saying goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to flares??? I could have sworn I was wearing flares in 6th grade. I object. The 70′s is so overdone. My mom did it, I did it and no one wants to do it anymore. If anything we should redo the grunge phase so that we could be comfortable. too much skin is nauseating anyway

  28. ESmackum says:

    It’s time for something new. I like skinny leg pants and wear them when I go out. But as an athletic girl with athletic thighs and calves, the wider leg flows nicer and fits more comfortably. I will be wearing both styles.. but those cropped flares….no way. :)

  29. NotMod says:

    Skinny, flared… Isn’t the EXTREME cut that’s the trend?

  30. woodstock19699 says:

    I agree with sthoma13. I guess I’m fine as long as it’s not denim. Flared denim is still too recent and still makes me feel slightly ill.

  31. teresaslo says:

    people are using the word ‘they’ blah blah just want to make lots of money…here’s a tip wear what looks best on you. I like the trumpet flare in the cropped pant and straight leg “pencil” for heels. Find what works for YOU

  32. crysstal says:

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