August 20 2014

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The Selby Gives Good Place


“I’ve always wanted to do a book,” Web phenom Todd Selby said at the launch party for his first Luddite artifact, the coffee-table tome The Selby Is In Your Place. “It took me a while, because I didn’t want to repeat what was on the Web site, but I wanted to stay true to the spirit of it.” Judging by the mob clamoring for an autographed copy at Barneys last night, fans of the blog were happy to make the switch to something hardbound. Especially since it came with stickers. “There are stickers?” an excited Lisa Mayock asked. “I used to have a serious collection.” Selby subject and party host Simon Doonan doesn’t have a sticker fetish, but he and partner Jonathan Adler do have a Ping-Pong table complete with a Michael Jackson bust (Selby captured the couple in a heated match for his book). “I think he’s done something revolutionary,” Doonan said of the photographer. “One meets someone who’s super-groovy in the way they present themselves, but then you go to their apartment and it’s just horrifying, some kind of Tuscan villa, Olive Garden horror. This book shows you how to bring your apartment in line with your style.” Further proof of Doonan’s Selby love: last night’s special-edition shopping bag featuring Selby’s portraiture. “We never let anyone touch our bag,” Doonan said. “Except Andy Warhol.”

Photo: Rob Loud / WireImage

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