August 28 2014

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The Von Furstenbergs Head Back To School


Prep school may have been romanticized and demonized by headband-wearing Gossip Girl types, but take it from one that’s been there, Tatiana von Furstenberg (pictured, right). “It’s not as dramatic in real life as it’s portrayed,” von Furstenberg, Diane’s daughter and newly minted director, said at the premiere of her film Tanner Hall last night. “I loved boarding school.” The drama, set at a girls’ boarding school, is part of the 15th Gen Art Film Festival. “It really does replace your family, though, so it’s not like a high school drama. It’s really a domestic drama,” TVF went on. Domestic how? “Something dramatic would have been a dirty bathroom or something like that,” she said with a laugh.

But Scrubbing Bubbles do not good silver-screen fare make, so Tanner Hall throws in a few dalliances with older men and the dramatic entrance of a new girl in school. Star Rooney Mara was the new girl in more ways than one. “I never went to boarding school. I think I’d be too homesick,” the rising actress admitted. If inexperience was an issue, Mara quickly caught on, and having a sister in the industry, actress Kate Mara, was a big plus. “I was crashing at my sister’s place in L.A. when I got the role. I hadn’t gotten anything up to that point and she was such an amazing source for advice,” she said. Von Furstenberg’s own family lent a helping hand, too: The pert private school uniforms were created by Diane von Furstenberg. Aside from some photo ops at the behest of the press corps, DVF was plenty pleased hanging on the sidelines and even jumped behind the camera lines to take her own snaps. But if there were any questions as to how the mother-daughter team-up went, the junior von Furstenberg was enthusiastic. “She’s really easy to work with,” Tatiana said of Mom. “She takes direction very well.”

Photo: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

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