August 31 2014

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“To His Coy Mistress”


Innovate or die. The tried-and-true mantra may still ring in the halls of business schools, but in the more hide-bound corners of fashion, it occasionally falls on deaf ears. Tradition über alles? Not at one sharp-thinking shop on Savile Row. London’s Henry Herbert Tailors offers a more modern service for bespoke clients on the go: tailoring to your door via Vespa. “Henry Herbert Tailors now offers round-the-clock suit tailoring, using our fleet of Vespa scooters to visit customers wherever and whenever is good for them,” the suitmaker reports, noting that its qualified tailors are also fully qualified motorcyclists. That’s a fine concession to contemporary life, but some truths are immortal: wealthy and powerful gentlemen (i.e., custom customers) are occasionally cads, too. That’s why Herbert’s tailors offer to reach them “at their desk, apartment, mistress’ flat, or airport lounge.”

Photo: Courtesy Everett Collection

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