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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Giorgio Girls


Iron Man himself may be a vermilion shade of superhero, but at last night’s L.A. premiere of Iron Man 2, Valentino red wasn’t on the agenda. The film’s two leading ladies, Gwyneth Paltrow (reprising her role from the first flick) and Scarlett Johansson, each opted for a cool, wintry white. Armani was the man of the evening: Johansson picked an undulating Armani Privé cocktail gown, while Paltrow went hard-edged in a Giorgio Armani tailored blazer and shorts suit with jet black accessories. So who wore it better? Are you feeling ScarJo’s marquee glamour, or do you prefer Gwynnie’s city-girl chic?

Photos: Matt Sayles / AP Photo (Scarlett); Kyle Rover / Startraks Photo (Gwyneth)



  1. ArizonaBiannco says:

    i dont like the sholder peace on Gwyneth but i like the flow. also theres just too much white on Scarlett its wayyyy too much white she needs a clutch or something with color :/

  2. mercuryloge says:

    i prefer the striking and sculpted look of the masterful outfit on ms scarlett johanssen – it’s somewhat theatrical, but not excessively so, and poyfect for a cinema event – here, as first presented by stylish estonian, kelli lumi
    - ms. gwyneth paltrow’s blazer is no doubt beautifully-tailored, and looks embroidered, but not much comes across in the photo, and the shorts are a bit short for a formal event – but why should the great ms. paltrow care? – whether she dresses stylishly or badly is only going to enhance her reputation – and her rock world associations make it natural for her to want to shock a bit – there is at least one pic of her out there, in christian dior top and not-very-compatible jeans ….. i can’t see anything quite like her outfit in the recent collections – most similar is this one presented by danielle fillmore in (surprise!) resort 2008 –
    - less similar are these more elegant and complex variations, from resort 2010, on armani exclusive veronika pospisilova,, and fall 2010, on the great katia kokoreva
    \,,/ twitter

  3. Jacquline says:

    For some reason Scarlett J. dress comes across a bit awkward. Shes georguse and the dress is beautiful but SJ is naturally curvy, this might be a little to much for her shape. new Winter Kate, Graham & Spencer, Michelle Mason, and Phillip Lim.

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