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10 Corso Como’s Carla Sozzani Hits The Court


The French Open is well under way, a fine time to remind us all that there’s bad tennis fashion and good tennis fashion. In the latter category: the recent collaboration between Lacoste and Carla Sozzani, doyenne of 10 Corso Como. The Lacoste alligator has always been up for a little imaginative tweaking—the brand has collaborated with everyone from Jeffrey Kalinsky to the Campana Brothers—and Sozzani has given him a new accessory: a bouquet of tennis ball flowers, which he carries in his mouth on scallop-hem polos, shorts, and sneakers. The limited-edition capsule collection, available at 10CC’s Milan and Seoul boutiques and online, was inspired by Sozzani’s daughter, who apparently imagined she was a crocodile while growing up. This had mama scouring the market for croc collectibles and buying a lot of Lacoste polos over the years. (The Lacoste logo is technically a gator, not a croc, but never mind that.) The younger Sozzani may be a crocodile, but her mother’s a fashion plate through and through. Asked how she’d wear the new collection, Sozzani opined, “I’d wear the sneakers and a bag to accessorize my Alaïa dresses.”

Photos: Courtesy of 10 Corso Como

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