August 23 2014

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Barbie’s New Boyfriend: Her Bodyguard


Remembering that “fan” finds its root in “fanatic,” Mattel has come up with the ultimate test of the true Barbie collector’s fervor. Today in Sydney, the company launched a $600,000 Barbie. At least, that’s what the latest version of dolldom’s most loved/hated figurine will set you back in Australian dollars if you opt for the model draped in diamonds by local jeweler Stefano Canturi. It’s the one-carat emerald-cut pink diamond in Barbie’s necklace and matching ring that account for the price tag, elevated enough that the launch party, during Australian Fashion Week, called for a swarthy bodyguard as Barbie’s necessary accessory (pictured). Ken was absent (plastic vs. pink diamond? nolo contendere), but he should really stick around, because the $600,000 Barbie (a mere $555,452 U.S.) greeted the world alongside the 12 new sisters who make up the Barbie Basics line: 12 hairstyles, 12 skin tones, 12 LBDs. One Ken. And an Indian summer in Sydney. Nicholas Sparks is probably on the next Qantas flight south.

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