August 20 2014

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Blasblog: The Party Before The Party


You might think the weekend before the Met gala would be a time for quiet evenings in. Or, at the very least, conserving one’s energy—after all, Saturday night was a mere 48 hours before tonight’s Met ball, one of the biggest parties of the year. But it seems a few of the headliners who’ll descend on Manhattan for the big night were itching for a little high steppin’, too. At least that was the case at Nur Khan and Harry Josh’s Spring Fling, which drew Kates Bosworth and Hudson, Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell, and Chloë Sevigny for a raucous dance party at the Hiro Ballroom. How they snuck out of late-night fittings (and manicures, eyebrow waxes, and whatever else happens in the village it takes to get these girls ready), I don’t claim to know. But come they did, at the behest of Khan and Josh (a hairstyling man-about-town). “I really don’t go out that much, as I prefer to stay home,” Gisele told me. (The bash was in part a birthday celebration for the supe, who arrived with Tom Brady in tow.) “But with Harry I know I’ll have fun.” The follicle connection runs deep—as does camaraderie. “Nur is good friend, and I know he would do anything for me,” said Sienna Miller. Put it that way, and hitting the sweat-soaked dance floor sounded like the least she could do. Call it one last workout squeezed in before the main event.

Photo: Carrie Shaltz/



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