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Eddie Borgo, Under Padlock And Key


Eddie Borgo made the trip east to Williamsburg last night for Ray-Ban’s Iggy Pop blowout—no huge surprise, given the jewelry designer’s punk leanings. But for his latest spring collection, Borgo tells us he’s going even more hardcore. “I’m looking at different types of constraints, and what being constrained means, in its most aggressive sense,” he began. “It’s hard to explain.” A certain B-word hung in the air. “I’m looking at bondage and different elements of bondage culture,” Borgo exhaled, “and figuring out ways to infuse those very aggressive elements with a feminine point of view.” How, specifically? “Maybe some leather. I’m looking a lot at padlocks now,” he said. As you might expect, Borgo’s been finding inspiration for these pieces in some out-of-the-way places, including the work of avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger and the nineties animated MTV series Aeon Flux.

With his recent CFDA Award nomination, Borgo’s been officially embraced by the fashion guild. “It’s a nod from the industry, and it’s really encouraging,” he said. (Borgo is up against Alexander Wang and Fenton/Fallon’s Dana Lorenz for the Swarovski Award for Accessory Design.) For his date on awards night, he “contemplated bringing a model,” but went in the end with his boyfriend, stylist Keegan Singh. Win or lose, he said, he’ll be spending at least part of the summer in Greece. “I love the beach. There’s something so impactful about sitting on the edge of anything,” he said. Including, come June 7, the edge of his seat.

Photo: Chance Yeh / Patrick McMullan

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