September 3 2014

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Jensen-Conroy’s Knit Wit


Knitwear may not be the first thing you think of wearing when the temperature tops 90 degrees. But the funky, tribal-inflected statement pieces from Jensen-Conroy will make you think again: The signature knit-wrapped necklaces and cuffs from Wade Jensen and Moire Conroy’s jewelry line are plenty cool in or out of the A/C. Launched last year at the directional Lower East Side boutique Maryam Nassir Zadeh, the collection is now expanding to shops such as Satine and Colette. “When we first went into Maryam, we were exploring lots of ideas,” recalls Jensen. “Now that we’re pretty much focused on the knit pieces, it’s actually helping us create a platform where we can start experimenting again.” Conroy, who designed her own line prior to co-founding Jensen-Conroy with her former schoolmate Wade, notes that neither she nor her partner come from a traditional jewelry background, and that their next phase of experimentation includes learning more about metals and plating. But she adds that the duo are planning to develop their own textiles, too. “Not just for jewelry, but for scarves and possibly other accessories, too,” Conroy explains. “I like the idea of bringing a different texture to jewelry—a little softness.”

Photo: Steven Torres

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