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Kiwis Take Topshop


New Zealand’s first ever Topshop opened on Saturday. Almost immediately after, it closed. That’s a good thing (for Topshop, if not necessarily for New Zealanders). A near-dawn crowd took less than two days to pick the racks clean.

The NZ branch opened in Karen Walker’s The Department Store in Auckland after the retailer approached Walker about a partnership. Lines formed long before the official 9 a.m. opening—canny types were making 6:56 a.m. appointments at the adjacent, in-house Stephen Marr hair salon to get in earlier—and the shop was near capacity at 7:15 a.m. Walker and Topshop senior buyer Rachael Proud picked the merchandise personally. Looks like they knew what the Kiwi customer wanted. (As it happens: Topshop’s signature line, denim, shoes, and bags.) The store is now closed, but will reopen following restocking in mid-May.

Photo: Courtesy of Showroom 22



  1. LeilaSilva says:

    I wonder in the sales of this type, even at very low prices, if people really have time to think about things that are picking up, if they like them, if they have to do with them, they will be useful. If they go dressed the pieces in any sizes then, is another story …
    A closet full is not necessarily a good wardrobe.

    Leila Silva

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