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Meet Meadham Kirchhoff’s Topshop Muse: Their Assistant


When Topshop invited Meadham Kirchhoff to design a limited-edition collection, designers Ben Kirchhoff and Ed Meadham didn’t have to look far for a muse. After beginning with a piece of antique beading as a reference and diving into fabric development, the duo turned their eyes to their young assistant Erin. “She’s 21, and she falls into the target demographic,” Kirchhoff says, “but she’s also one of the coolest girls and she has a really great personal style. Lots of wispy layers of black and random bits and bobs.” Said assistant even wound up modeling the collection—including structured tees and asymmetrical, bias-cut, and glittery baby-doll dresses—for the official lookbook. We’re pretty sure she’s now got the full set. Anyone else who wants to get their hands on the items better hurry, though—the range arrives today at Topshop, and only 65 pieces of each style have been produced.

Photo: Harley Weir

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