September 2 2014

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Opening Ceremony, The Standard, The Smile, And More Get Goal-Oriented


Forget the approaching World Cup for a second, if you can. Sure, that’s when you’ll see the best players in the world go head to head on the field in South Africa, battling for international glory (and against U.S. indifference). But before then, you can see the best and brightest—maybe—of New York play Adidas’ annual adiCup tourney for bragging rights, beer, barbecue, and the chance to test their mettle against international competition in a subsequent tournament in Germany (at stake there, national pride and tickets to the World Cup itself).

Beer and BBQ aren’t the traditional pregame chows, but the adiCup players aren’t pros—or more accurately, aren’t soccer pros. The competing teams represent magazines, retailers, clothing labels, hotels, and restaurants (the ones we spend most of our time in, to be honest). And while we’re curious to see whether Opening Ceremony (its jersey is pictured above) will best The Smile or Nom de Guerre’s Nom de Hooligans team will knock out the Standard FC, what we’re really interested in is the outfits. (Call us one-track minded.) Each team custom-designs its own Adidas jerseys for the field, and in anticipation of tomorrow’s game at Pier 40, they’ve given us a little preview. May the best—and best-dressed—team win.

The adiCup takes place tomorrow, May 22, from 1 to 8 p.m. at Pier 40, West Side Highway at W. Houston St.

Pictured above, top to bottom: Opening Ceremony; The Smile; The Standard FC; United Bamboo.

Photos: Kimberly Sentner



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