August 22 2014

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Spike Jonze’s New Cast


Just so we’re clear: Opening Ceremony’s L.A. outpost threw a party this weekend…for its parking lot. “It’s important to acknowledge these things,” said filmmaker and OC fan Spike Jonze. “If a friend of yours gets a parking lot, that’s pretty cool.”

There you have it. (Expect copycat parking lot parties to start springing up any second now.) For a little clarification, we turned to Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon, who explained that where New York stores practice window dressing, Los Angeles turns to pavement. “In L.A., I feel like store windows are kind of unnecessary, so we wanted to take the store window idea and make it into a more elaborate thing,” Leon said. Mission accomplished: He and partner Carol Lim commissioned Jonze to create three air dancers (above)—yep, the blow-up nylon creatures typically found at car dealerships—poised outside the entrance to OC’s accessories shop. “We got a new sign, and we’ve kind of been nerdily obsessed with making these for a while,” Leon went on.”Spike designed them and then I got them manufactured and we decided to do a big BBQ to celebrate.” Leon’s mom, a professional caterer, supplied tacos and churros, and Peaches Geldof, Aziz Ansari, Chloë Sevigny, Rashida Jones, and Mischa Barton all turned out to have a look. (For more pictures, click below.) Call it a California thing. “Growing up in L.A., being from here, you drive around a lot and you always see them. And they’re so cool. Who doesn’t love an air dancer?” Lim chimed in. (She and Leon both grew up in Southern California.) But if you love them, go now; the trio of Gumby-esque dancers isn’t permanent. Jonze’s contribution is the first installation of an ongoing artist collaboration series slated for Opening Ceremony’s West Coast outpost. Of the next partnership, set to hit the store in two months, Leon would say only that “it’s another fine artist and someone who works in painting and drawing.”

Humberto Leon and Rashida Jones.

Aziz Ansari, left.

Mischa Barton.

Carol Lim and Spike Jonze.

Photos: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony



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