September 1 2014

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Waist Not, Want Not?


Is the high rise era over? For several seasons, designers have focused on the natural waist. Some incarnations, like dresses cinched to create hourglass shapes, were figure-flattering; others, not so much (see: high-waisted skinny jeans, Mischa Barton). Enter the new-again drop-waist silhouette. Miu Miu‘s flippy miniskirts and a clean Celine shirtdress had a touch of the sixties. At Marc by Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney, meanwhile, romantic frocks with relaxed waists evoked the twenties. Thakoon Panichgul (left) cited a new focus on ease and nonchalance as a reason for the down shift. “For me, it’s the attitude,” he told “The drop waist has a laid-back jeans-and-T-shirt feel to it, so you’re able to get a mix of casual and dressy.” Who can resist a two-for-one deal these days?

Click here to see the slideshow, and let us know if you’ll be trading high for low.

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  1. saigesaurus says:

    The thing is – and it’s evident in the slideshow for this look – lowered waists can either be done very well or very poorly. If done right, you pull off a very chic dressy-casual, not-even-trying look. But if done wrong, you lose the feminine shape entirely. So, sure, I can get behind a well done low waist. But I don’t think we should abandon the sophistication of the high waist.

  2. Grib says:

    I’m very much an anything goes person but the Bottega Veneta, Vanessa Bruno and Thakoon where the dropped waist is marked by a belt are looks I think are really ugly. I’m fine with low waist but when the top is bulging, it makes the legs look really short and dwarf-like. Like 3/4 sleeves done wrong.

  3. NotMod says:

    Perfect in something light, possibly sheer too – that moves and flows and suggests that waist line beneath. Nothing does a subtle drape as gravity, wind and movement!

    Heavier, structured versions don’t do me any favors. They seem to work just fine on someone with very narrow hips though – to each his own, as usual!

  4. gisellegg says:

    Whether drop waists are in or not the fact is that they only look good on someone with extra long legs. Long torso , short legs (like me) it is definitely a danger zone!

  5. evathediva says:

    A pleasent change for the long limbed and slim hipped. Unflattering on most others.

  6. ArianneJ says:

    I agree with saigesaurus. It really depends on the fit of the garment. I loved the Marc by Marc Jacobs lace dress, which was vintage-y, sweet, and young. The MaxMara coat on the other hand seemed overly bulky in the wrong area. I don’t know – it needed to be either longer on the top or maybe less gathered. I am on the fence about the Thakoon look. I keep having to put my finger over the model’s face (she looks so unhappy) and then I don’t mind it so much. The black tights need to go, too (and generally I am a fan of black tights). Overall the looks were hit or miss.

  7. coolspice says:

    Yay!! I hope the flapper look comes back too..! For people with broad waists and narrow hips, this is perfect!

  8. sugaradditive says:

    You could not have picked a more terrible silhouette for me! I am 5’1″ with a 27″ inseam and a very long torso and I’ve tried on the season’s drawstring dropwaist dresses and rompers and they look terrible. Not only does the style make my legs look shorter than they already are, they also fail to showcase my very tiny 24″ waist. Also due to the fact I’m busty and curvy rather than getting that classic hourglass shape I look like a kid in a pumpkin costume on Halloween. I can appreciate a good shift dress but you wouldn’t see me putting these hips on display! Good for the tall and lanky… bad for the short and curvy.

  9. TropiCouture says:

    So many of us have diligently worked out to tone our bods. So who really wants to hide it?? Baggy clothes…oh HELL no!!

  10. TraceydiLorenzo says:

    I’m definitely a low waisted girl…short body/long leg syndrome! T

  11. jane4543 says:

    Perfect in something light, possibly sheer too,i like it .

  12. sunshine123 says:

    I think that the low waist is very nice if you are tall and willowy, but those of us with a more feminin, curvy figure look best in higher waists.

  13. Sophia134 says:

    Absolutely not, at least for my body shape. And I agree with those who think that it “hides” what you are used to consider “femine” shape.

  14. Sophia134 says:

    Absolutely not, at least for me. It can be nice with a pair of jeans, but with a skirt…it can look like a disaster.
    Plus, I agree with those who think that it “hides” what we are used to consider as feminine shape.

  15. queenbee602 says:

    If all the women in the world were 5’10″ 115lbs this would be a fantastic look.Unfortunately,Im 5’7″ 145lbs if I ever tried to wear this drop waist trend I would look awful.This isnt a very prctical look.It reminds me of when the Olsen twins were dressing hobo-chic.I think Ill stick to my lovely cinched waist thank you.

  16. beautymix says:

    The dropwaist is great!! I love the effortless style…

  17. polad says:

    honestly when it makes the models look “hippie” its not a good idea to try pulling it of!
    and i believe women with their privat back part showing when they sit down while wearing low waist jeans are evident of the idea beeing….NOT so good…

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