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Yay, Nay, Or Eh? Zeta-Jones, Lady In Red


Tony nominee Catherine Zeta-Jones hit yesterday’s Robin Hood Foundation gala in Manhattan with husband Michael Douglas. Old Robin was known for green (both wearing the color and redistributing from the rich to the poor), but CZJ went scarlet for the evening, in a draped, one-shoulder dress from Michael Kors. The look is a refreshing alternative to the parade of short-and-tight frocks we’re used to seeing on stars, but some bold accessories and a lighter touch with hair and makeup—similar to how the dress was styled for Kors’ Resort 2010 presentation—would have made a stronger statement. What do you think? Are you a fan, or should Zeta-Jones be put on red alert?

Photo: Bloomberg / Getty Images



  1. reduga87 says:

    I’m not wild about this Michael Kors dress. it looks somewhat cheap to me…

  2. aeriedweller says:

    That is the ugliest dress I ever saw in my life.

  3. expensivepeople says:

    I think she looks beautiful

  4. NotMod says:

    Now, that’s a red flag!

    Seriously, a nice dress, if bit overwleming.

  5. victoriousv says:

    love it!

  6. shahla says:

    Wyat has happened to that gorgeous Catherine Zeta Jones? She’s like a skeleton these days, where has her beauty gone? I guess I’m the only who’s noticed. She looks downright unhealthy.

  7. annina66 says:

    i like better how this dress was presented by MK than how they styled it on CZJ although,in my opinion, one shoulder dresses are a bit out.

  8. empresscat says:

    I do wish that when she started doing her broadway show, she upped her calories so that all that dancing didn’t make her so thin. It doesn’t suit her and makes her face look harsh. Given that the all one color red dress is, I think, not the best choice, but I do like that she’s softening a now very angular frame with a feminine dress shape

  9. Mitten says:

    Fabulous! I can’t believe anyone would think differently.

    And pa-lease give her a break with the weight loss, people. Can’t a woman fluctuate from time to time?!? Jeezus!

  10. AgataB says:

    CZJ rocks the frock even though the accent should have been on the dress and not the make-up.

  11. nhughey says:

    I think less classic shoes (MK did strappy) with messier hair, at least!

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