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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? All That’s Fit To Print


When Carey Mulligan shot from obscurity to insta-fame in An Education, it seemed that the fashion world had found its next style-star ingenue. She was cute, she was chic—all Seberg bob and real, no-kidding acting chops—and designers all took notice and started sending dresses. But as she hit more and more high-profile events, Mulligan seemed to sartorially disappoint as often as she delighted (ahem, the Met ball). There’s even been some dispute around our offices about how stylish she actually is. Our faith may waver occasionally, but Miuccia Prada’s hasn’t. Mulligan continues to step out in Miu Miu and Prada, and when she touched down at Cannes to promote Wall Street 2, she gave us an early look at Prada’s new print collection, which hits stores later this month. Some may disagree—some, even, in the next cubicle over—but this is the kind of look that’s perfect for the pixie-ish actress. The archival print feels easy and natural on her, and the vintage-inspired look (the flared skirt, the classic Ferragamo pumps) feels more modern than some of her more contemporary choices. So what do you think? Oui or non—is this Cannes done right?

Photo: Mark Mainz / AP Photo



  1. runlikemad says:

    I think this is a great summer look for Carey. Prada have managed to produce a look that any girl could pull off. I love the print detail on the dress it looks as if it were telling a story. As for Carey’s style, she’s a natural beauty so less is more. She doesn’t have to try so hard to pull off a ‘look’ one statement dress against her warm and natural persona should work.

  2. robb0528 says:

    oui!!! she looks great!!! this print is from one of prada’s best collections to date & still looks so fresh & new… ms mulligan continues to look modern & natural…

  3. gemtwin says:

    thank goodness someone comes out in something other than ANOTHER long, solid-color-silky gown… with long hair. she is an individual so why does not following the sheep mean she is not stylish?

  4. mercuryloge says:

    the dress looks lovely on ms. mulligan – 50s style sleeveless is not my fave, but the shape of the remainder is nice – i had mildly-mixed feelings about some of the prada fall collection- outfits like these, on the greats lara stone and doutzen kroes, might not seem so appealing. if we weren’t told they were prada – presumably things are missed in the photos – outfits like this one, on brand-new and sizzling julia nobis, are clearly gorgeous – – and the 50s throwback style comes across better in a tighter, more tailored version, such as here on catherine mcneil, and on jac \,,/ twitter

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