August 21 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? SJP’S Spin Control


Yes, last night was the Sex and the City 2 premiere. (Read all about it here.) We’ll get to the movie, the madness, all the rest of it in due course. But first and foremost: What about Sarah Jessica Parker’s premiere gown, arguably the most eagerly anticipated dress of the year? We figured she’d go for Halston Heritage (not that she doesn’t wear enough of it in the film), but Parker opted instead for butter-yellow Valentino Couture, with enough volume and flounce (see her twirl, left; one’s got to admit it’s better than Liza’s) to keep even her alter ego Carrie happy. It’s a bold choice, but we think the Day-Glo stunner suits Sarah, especially paired with her loose, Veronica Lake chignon and armful of Leighton jewels. What do you think? Is this Sex done right?

Photo: Clint Spaulding / Patrick McMullan



  1. zincink says:

    I don’t know about those shoes but I think the gown looks refreshing. The citrus looks fantastic with the skin and hair.

  2. xoxo_shoegal says:

    She looks beautiful!! Everything is perfect!

  3. ArianneJ says:

    Uh, butter yellow? I’d be afraid of butter that color.

    Nonetheless, I loved the color (Hi-liter Yellow?) on her, though the overall style seemed conservative for the woman who plays Carrie Bradshaw.

  4. ravenburnes says:

    SJP looks stunning and, more importantly, very happy. I love the dress and it flatters her coloring and hairstyle wonderfully!

  5. rich_rich_frank_no says:

    freaken brill!!
    i’m pleased that Maria and Pier’s Valentino is getting press. That couture show was the edge!!

  6. cleo715 says:

    It’s done right…my only quip with this look is that it was done beautifully (and better?) ALREADY with Renee Zellweger on the 2001 Oscars (remeber? vintage Jean Desses lemon yellow gown, veronica Lake hair), ALSO Cate Blanchett did the lemon yellow Valentino & wavy hair on the 2007 Oscars…so it defintely feels like déjà vu all over again. I think if you’re going to “get inspired” by a look either go all out on a vintage fantasy (eg. Monroe, Hepburn)or go for one that got less press.

  7. mercuryloge says:

    yay ! i guessed valentino couture right off the bat ! i took a little while to make up my mind about it, as with the entire, original, fascinating collection, but it is lovely, and looks wonderful and sexy on the great ms. sarah jessica parker (i ceased to watch tv and movies long before SATC erupted !) – it isn’t often i find the dress more attractively presented than by the original model, but perhaps mighty elsa sylvan,,
    felt inhibited from swirling too much, by the solemn runway ambience (plus a blindfold !!) – plus the poor woman had a frightful trip and wardobe malfunction, at 8:35 of this vid: – the heels with all the outfits are far too high, and sexist, and unattractive – ms. sylvan’s moves at least highlight how extremely revealing this outfit is, on the left side ….. comparable outfits from the collection include this softer-colored creation on stern sensation jenny sinkaberg (3rd and last face),, this less-fragmented item on lovely siri tollerod, and these superficially shorter skirts on queen jac, and alice dellal !! \,,/ twitter

  8. NotMod says:

    Always thought that the color of reflector jackets that the road police uses is particularly cool and astoundingly under-appreciated, if only the right endorsement into couture came along… And it sure has! What more could a girl ask for? That Valentino apparition is the absolute enabler. Perfect & perfectly timed. Hooray!

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