August 27 2014

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Blasblog: Everybody Wants Acne


I was blaming it on heat stroke and jet lag, but I thought my cocktail hour last night was a most curious adventure. I was running uptown to the Carlyle (fancy!) to celebrate the latest issue of a magazine from a denim label (that’s more downtown, no?) based in Sweden (that’s not exactly nearby). But up in the Royal Suite, the various factions were all represented: the uptown (the inimitable Anne Slater and Bob Colacello, left), the downtown (Jack and Lazaro from Proenza Schouler, Michael Stipe), the originally from out-of-town (Alexa Chung, Olivier Zahm, and the mag’s editor, Thomas Persson). And, of course, the Swedes, who are intimidatingly gorgeous. You don’t really realize how tall and blonde a girl like Caroline Winberg is until she’s in a room with you and the rest of the Western mortals—and for the record, not breaking a sweat. How? She’s a Swedish robot, for sure.

The point of this fête was the new issue of Acne Paper, the oversized fashion mag from the minds behind Stockholm’s Acne Studios. (Feel free to insert as many bad-skin puns and jokes here as you see fit; Alexa and I spent a good half hour doing it while harassing the barmen at the Carlyle to refill our glasses with ice-cold Champagne.) The magazine, with its profiles (of Stephen Jones, Cecilia Dean, Slater, and Colacello, among others) and portrait series of the most fabulous denizens of Paris, London, and New York, was a hot commodity—I didn’t even manage to snag one, and those who did weren’t letting it go. After cocktails, I ran into Lazaro at a birthday party in the private room of The Lion, where he was still clutching his copy. Who would have thought people would have wanted Acne that bad? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. And for the record, that was Alexa’s joke.)

Photo: Greg Kessler



  1. hampdenclothing says:

    Hampden Clothing just picked up Acne for fall! We are so excited to carry this amazing line!

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