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Mulberry For Target, Jil On Jil, The Search For The Next Gisele, And More…


Target’s next conquest: Mulberry. The English label will create bags for the mass retailer, which will debut on October 10. [WWD]

A quick word from Jil Sander (the woman, not the brand): Her signature style is “pure,” please, not “minimal,” which “can be very empty.” Noted! [Hint Mag]

Tyra Banks made waves when she announced she’s re-signed with IMG (though, she cautions, for endorsements more than modeling; “don’t expect to see me at any go-sees”), and now her agency Polaroids have surfaced. Future ANTM contestants, consider these poses your homework. [Fashionologie]

And speaking of models, the Times heads for rural Brazil with model scout Alisson Chornak as he hunts for the next Gisele. Meanwhile, some Brazilians are wondering why the Brazilian look is so often identified with and exported as light-eyed, straight-haired blondes, when more and more darker-skinned actresses and models are finding success at home. Lais Ribeiro (pictured), could this be your moment? [NYT]

Photo: Greg Kessler/