August 27 2014

styledotcom Tom Ford nominates Nicolas Ghesquière and Hedi Slimane for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge:

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Those Nets Didn’t Just Attach Themselves


Our roving lensman Tommy Ton’s just filed his latest batch of photos direct from Paris, where he ducked behind the scenes at some of the season’s biggest men’s shows. Click here for the revealing look at all the smoke (literally) and mirrors (literally) that make up each runway show. Our favorites? The ab touch-ups, net stylists, obligatory underwear shots, and Cole Mohr’s overalls. “Model off-duty” style usually refers to female models, but when those dungarees catch on, you can say you heard it here first.

Photo: Tommy Ton

“The Lobster And The Rat: A Love Story”


One of the hometown heroes of L.A. culturati is contemporary artist John Baldessari, whose career-spanning retrospective, Pure Beauty, is now up at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Sure, there’s a catalog, but if you want to commemorate the exhibition in more of a 2010 style, may we suggest Baldessari’s iPhone (and iPad) app—the first app created by a contemporary artist? Baldessari worked with L.A.’s ForYourArt to create an application based on his famous In Still Life, 2001-2010, which invited viewers to digitally manipulate and rearrange Abraham van Beyeren’s Banquet Still Life (1667) to create their own work of art. The app—and its attendant Web site,—lets you do the same, with the added bonus that a Flickr gallery allows you to see fellow artists’ work. To celebrate the genius new time-waster, we invited one of our own favorite Angelenos, Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders and Boy, to make his own (above). “I like to call this The Lobster and the Rat: A Love Story,” Sternberg wrote us simply. “John predicted everyone would try to ‘make the lobster dance,’” ForYourArt’s founder, Bettina Korek, added, “and of course Band of Outsiders did it first.”

John Baldessari: Pure Beauty is on view through September 12 at LACMA, 5905 Wilshire Blvd, L.A., Oh, and one slightly gratuitous plug—speaking of apps, have you downloaded the iPhone app yet?


Young Love, Sponsored By Burberry


Emma Watson can thank Burberry’s Christopher Bailey for playing Cupid—the actress and repeat Burberry model met her new boyfriend, musician George Craig, on set at a campaign shoot for the label (left). Now Watson’s popped up in the new music video from Craig’s band, One Night Only (below). (Gawker gleefully notes that this new role poses challenges, such as having her face licked.) The song itself, “Say You Don’t Want It,” is admittedly a transmission from some of the more well-trod chambers of radio-friendly Britpop, but Watson looks cute (both before and after it’s revealed that she happens to be a dog). That alone ought to make it worth the four minutes’ viewing time—at least until the next Harry Potter flick.

Photo: Mario Testino/Courtesy of Burberry

Chris Robinson Shops Antwerp Modernists, Atlantic Explorers


From Esquire‘s recent chat with sharp-dressed Black Crowes front man (and Kate Hudson ex) Chris Robinson:

ESQ: Your dad was a serious garmento, did that have an influence on your look? I mean obviously, the Stones and the Faces had some influence, but what about him growing up?

CR: I mean, I liked clothes; not as much as him, but still. I have a closet full of jackets from Dries Van Noten and…what’s that other company? Magellan?

ESQ: Martin Margiela.

Photo: Marty Temme / WireImage / Getty Images

Can Someone Help Taylor Lautner Tie a Tie?


Twilight star Taylor Lautner arrived at last night’s Cinema Society screening of Eclipse well after co-star Kristen Stewart. Chalk it up to wardrobe problems. “I was having some tie issues,” Lautner admitted. “I have challenges, I do. I definitely need a little help. Sometimes I can get it and sometimes I can’t.”

But he cheerfully insisted it wasn’t his fault. “Sometimes you’ll get a tie that is just impossible. And today I think I had one of those,” Lautner said. The tie in question was a skinny one from Band of Outsiders—neckwear that does, perhaps, require a little extra finesse. (Likewise the Calvin Klein Collection suit.) “I ended up using three different people. It wasn’t just me. It was a hard tie.”

In fairness, Lautner doesn’t get much practice. He doesn’t often wear a tie—or, for that matter, a shirt.

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene