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What To Expect From Patmos Sans Lutz


In the wake of the recent announcement that Lutz & Patmos was disbanding and that its founders and namesakes, Tina Lutz and Marcia Patmos, were going their separate ways, there was some concern among fans of the luxury knitwear brand. So to quell the fears, Marcia Patmos would like to assure L&P followers that her new line, M. Patmos, is lots more of the same. That’s not to say there won’t be new directions. M. Patmos carries on the knit legacy while racing off in new directions. Among the innovations in the debut collection for Holiday were tailored pieces, such as slouchy trousers, a leather and cashmere motorcycle-style jacket, and a new ultra-luxe range of knits made of low-impact dyed Italian cashmere. “Doing this on my own, I definitely feel free to experiment more,” Patmos said. “And in the meantime, since we’ve just launched our contemporary line, Leroy & Perry, and some of the more casual, weekend-y stuff lives there, that means I’ve got room in M. Patmos to focus on making every piece really special.” Patmos went on to say that, although she doesn’t intend to continue the Lutz & Patmos tradition of inviting seasonal guest designers, she does plan to engage in new collaborations, with an emphasis on working with artisans, like the women in India who knit the Holiday M. Patmos scarves on antique looms. And she says she’s hoping to expand the brand into new categories soon, bags, belts, and shoes in particular. “Leather goods,” she elaborates. “It’s not just about knits anymore.”

Photos: Courtesy of M. Patmos



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