September 3 2014

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Who Wore It Best At Stella McCartney?


Stella McCartney, as her dad once wrote, gets by with a little help from her friends—and plenty of them turned out to her Resort ’11 presentation yesterday. Among the well-heeled admirers were (clockwise from top left) Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Naomi Watts, and Helena Christensen, all of whom arrived in McCartney-designed duds. Each put her own spin on Stella’s wide-ranging collection: Watts and Christensen made for the airy sundresses, all sweetness and light; Paltrow channeled the London sophisticate in a boxy blazer and cropped pants; and Hudson went full-on cocktail with a glam black minidress (and smoky eyes to match). We think there’s hardly a bad look among them, but in the spirit of friendly competition, we’ll put it to you: Who wore Stella McCartney best?

Photos: Courtesy of Stella McCartney, except Naomi Watts (Chance Yeh/



  1. LeilaSilva says:

    McCartney has a striking feature on the feminine silhouette well delineated. Her collections have current readings, with a natural sophistication. I love the white model of Naomi. A luminous color in a “brilliant” look.

    Leila Silva

  2. expensivepeople says:


  3. nhughey says:

    I think I have to go with Gwyneth, because her face is so fresh & hair so…Maybe I’d change those shoes, tho. Naomi’s a really close second, cause I like how her face is full of pink roses.

  4. mercuryloge says:

    i regret to say that the answer to “who wore it best” is “no one” – since the great sir paul apparently said it, so can i – his doubtless talented and charming daughter gets by with a little help from her friends – i have rarely seen anything distinctive, artistic, original or daring in the outfits under her name, and never anything chic, and quite often drab – i can’t see the black dress well, but the other three outfits look completely ordinary, as one might see anywhere in that store each of us doesn’t dare name, out of shame for shopping there – perhaps i miss the point, her talent is in her “simplicity”, which i mistakenly read as lack of imagination – perhaps she fabricates these sleep-inducing numbers more beautifully than anyone else would – it doesn’t come across in the photos – thank you (vogue) for the effort, in bringing such beautiful clothes to such tasteless readers ….. :( \,,/ twitter

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