August 20 2014

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Yea, Nay, Or Eh? Neutral Times Two


If there’s any doubt that fashion is in the grip of a neutral moment, last night’s Public Theater Gala should put it to rest. Attendees sported a wide range of options, but two starlets who rarely shy away from red-carpet glamour, Naomi Watts (far left) and Amanda Peet, were among the evening’s most understated. Each showed up in a muted look—almost, we’d have to say, the same muted look. The loose white blouses, cropped wide-leg trousers, and strappy sandals were city-street casual—in deference, perhaps, to the alfresco Shakespeare in the Park performance. It’s slightly less than gala-ready, but we think these two exemplify casual done right. What do you think? Do you expect more from Watts and Peet, or are you feeling the casual chic?

Photos: Amanda Schwab/Startraks Photo



  1. miamiolivia says:

    Smiling to myself now knowing that Amanda Peet and Naomi Watts are doing the “Casual Chic” thing that looks a lot like what I wear everyday. They wore this out in public on a red carpet, Really? That is not understated it is un-stated, perhaps intentionally so.

  2. katherinemcveigh says:

    I would say that Naomi Watts pulled off this neutral look in a more chic way. She looks slightly more refined than Peet. Either way I love a neutral look, it is perfect for summer!

  3. deardarla says:

    Undercover! Clearly both were looking for a casual night in the park to enjoy without paparazzi to ruin it. Naomi Watts is the winner lights out!

  4. deardarla says:

    Both are going undercover for a nice casual night in the park without paparazzi. Naomi Watts works it lights out!

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