August 27 2014

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Anglomania Delivered (By Way Of L.A.)


Echt English designs, bought in L.A., shipped to wherever, Dubuque to Detroit: another victory for the age of the Internet. It’s getting easier every day to get the product you want wherever you may be, and today is no exception. Kristen Lee and Brady Cunningham’s path-breaking Los Angeles boutique, TenOverSix, is the latest to join, which ships the best of their stock all over. That means Vivienne Westwood’s grungy-cool Anglomania totes (pictured), not to mention bags by New York’s Alexander Wang, vintage-style swimsuits from Australia’s Lover, jewelry by L.A.’s Made Her Think, and more. The world is flat, and getting flatter—bully!
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Grafitti tote, $261, and Teddy Bear tote, $266, available at

Photos: Courtesy of Farfetch



  1. rich_rich_frank_no says:

    More Lover love??? Hell yes!! My love for Lover groweth by the day.

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