August 28 2014

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Epicurean Bike Tours Under The Influence


For some in New York̬and many more, in all likelihood, in New York fashion—Champagne functions more as a meal unto itself than as a complement. (Just ask any style writer or PR who’s had to cull dinner from a night’s worth of store openings and parties—nice work if you can get it.) But Krug Champagne, which many oenophiles consider the finest in the world, would like to remind you that it’s a gourmet indulgence, not just a tipple. “Krug is about pleasure,” says Carl Heline, its brand director. “This,” he says, holding up a bottle of Grand Cuvée, the august house’s signature sparkler, “was not made for money. It was made just for taste.”

To make its case, the house of Krug is introducing customizable foodie tours to guide patrons to likeminded retailers and purveyors to create a champers-fueled feast. (Those purveyors don’t include Krug’s LVMH corporate stablemates like Louis Vuitton and Fendi, but suffice it to say, a glass goes fine with their goods, too.)

So yesterday, I saddled up a vintage bicycle and made the rounds with Heline. At Dickson’s Farmstand in New York’s Chelsea Market, chef Gabriel Ross showed off pork rillettes to kill for, cured tongue, a duck terrine not to be believed. The secret, he says, is happy animals—blissful pigs make the best bacon. (Tasting Dickson’s chocolate and chile-cured capocollo, you’re inclined to agree.) After a trip through the farmer’s market in the company of Ben Towill, the charming young chef/owner of Silkstone, and a ride through Central Park, I ended at a penthouse suite at the Essex House for a Towill-prepared meal of hand-torn pasta with kale and bacon, and monkfish curry with snap peas. Krug flowed freely and, as promised, paired beautifully with both. Something to remember next time an occasion comes up—even if that occasion is the next stop on the cater-waitered fashion-party circuit.

Customizable tours available soon from

Photo: Courtesy of Krug

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