August 20 2014

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-------’s Fashion Feed brings you the best of the news around the Web and on Twitter, and ranks the most-discussed designers, labels, models, and celebrities. In our weekly series, we call out the top five designers of the previous week (with our handy gloss on the hows and whys).

1. Stella McCartney (pictured, center; last week: N/A)
Apparently Stella wanted a job no one would talk about—well, better luck next time. (Nobody told you you had to be so good at it!) Meanwhile, McCartney made headlines again for a parenting worry: how to send your children to private school without them becoming irreversibly posh.

2. Marc Jacobs (last week: N/A)
The near-constant stream of limited-edition new items—like surfboards and skate decks, for example—have kept Jacobs near the top of the chain this week, but we’re just as intrigued by the news that he’s planning to launch e-commerce this Fall.

3. Alexander Wang (last week: 4)
What do the kids want? More Alexander Wang. And with an expanded T collection for fall, including blazers and ponchos, he’s gonna give it to them.

4. Victoria Beckham (last week: 2)
Is there another little Beckham on the way? David joked to English TV personality Jonathan Ross that he’s “always trying,” but Victoria’s got her hands full with the fashion biz—Gwyneth Paltrow and Kelly Ripa wore the same dress of hers last week.

5. Karl Lagerfeld (last week: 1)
Photog Karl shot campaigns for his collections for Chanel and Fendi, both of which hit the Web over the last week. Anja Rubik stars in the Fendi shots, while the Kaiser went back to the well for Chanel—his old favorite Brad Koenig, not Baptiste Giabiconi, took the male slot there.

Photo: Greg Kessler/

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