August 30 2014

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Socks With Sandals


Once a universally acknowledged style disaster, the socks-with-sandals look is experiencing a curious (if surprisingly rather chic) resurgence. Stylists at Alexander Wang, Derek Lam, and Prada (below, left to right) all showed peep-toe and strappy sandals with high socks. (At the Spring men’s shows, a few labels, like Bottega Veneta, even experimented with the pairing for dudes.) As Gawker points out, M.I.A. tried the look out at her Letterman appearance in New York this week—she even put her phalanx of look-alike backup dancers in identical sandal-and-sock combos. Her look is a perfect occasion for a styling public service announcement: If you’re going to brave the trend, please, please don’t do it with sweat socks.

Photo:Ray Tamarra / Everett Collection (M.I.A.); Courtesy of Alexander Wang; Courtesy of Derek Lam; Courtesy of Prada



  1. Grib says:

    A. Wang’s version is borderline granny too. The problem is that the sandals resemble Birkenstocks from this angle. But other than that I say go. Esp to Prada fall 10/11

  2. tr_ro says:

    I like prada one… I dont know I think it looks good with the dress…
    What MIA is wearing is just a hotmess… It looks tacky and just really bad. The sandals look really cheap! hmm and I actually like her lol and like what she normally wears!

  3. soxer123 says:

    OK, for the lads (especially) here are some do’s…

  4. luminusbeauty says:

    This look in my opinion should only be done with heels, sandals or booties, but a high heel is a must. Otherwise you run the risk of looking like an old man or that you are missing your pants.

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