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Donatella’s Calling


Donatella Versace isn’t known for doing things by halves. So when she announced back in January that the house of Versace was launching a cell phone, the Versace Unique, it was a safe bet that it’d be the most lavish yet. And now that the mobile handset has hit Versace’s U.S. boutiques, we can confirm: Yes, it is. The ceramic and lacquer-coated device will set you back $6,500 (that’s the economical end—gold-plating raises the sticker price to $8,000, and that’s not including the plane fare overseas to get it). And what will all that buy you? The usual tech accoutrements, plus plenty of Versace signatures, like the Medusa logo, which is not only embossed on the calf-leather back but also engraved into the metal body and glowering out from the digital clock face. The touchscreen is, according to the company, the largest single piece of this material ever produced for consumers. And the pre-loaded ringtones play Donatella’s favorite songs from the catwalks of recent years. With all that, it’s practically a bargain—all it doesn’t come with is La Dona’s number. Some things, after all, are priceless.

Available this month at Versace boutiques in Atlanta, Costa Mesa, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, New York, and Miami; for more information, visit

Photo: Courtesy of Versace



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