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Maria Sharapova Goes Sky-High


Standing tall at 6 feet, 2 inches, Maria Sharapova isn’t afraid of a little height. “Being tall was always a good thing growing up—it’s good for your game. I think at some point, I was like, OK, I’m tall, this is how it’s going to be,” the tennis star laughed about her penchant for heels last night. Sharapova certainly stood out. Along with showing up in four-inch heels accompanied by another vertically gifted guest (her beau, L.A. Laker Sasha Vujacic), she was the main draw for the fête celebrating her latest fall 2010 footwear collection with Cole Haan, co-hosted by Interview in the New Museum’s Sky Room. Going a year strong, the ongoing design collaboration (skyscraper heels and sexed-up corset detailing this season) has Sharapova sketching in her downtime and turning to the Web for inspiration. “I’m a big fan of street-style sites,” she said. “I’ll have this idea and then go and see how somebody might wear it in Paris or London or somewhere else in the world.”

That kind of online trendsetting has served another Cole Haan contributor well: Todd Selby, who’s turned a zoom lens and a yen for interiors into The Selby, his must-visit creatives-in-their-houses photo site. (Street style off the street, as it were.) Selby shot the Cole Haan campaign, but it was his brushwork, not his prints, that was the star this evening; he had a few specially commissioned watercolors up for auction to benefit Common Cents, including one of Sharapova (pictured, with its subject), whom he met on a shoot for the brand. Though, when it comes to the tennis pro’s upcoming U.S. Open turn, he might not be the best to recount ad-ins or match points. “I’m not really a sports kind of guy,” he admitted. “Fashion’s my sport.”

Photo: Chance Yeh / Patrick McMullan

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