August 22 2014

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The LBD Gets Official


It’s on the books. The LBD is now an officially sanctioned abbreviation—at least as far as the Oxford English Dictionary is concerned. The venerable OED, English papers report, added “LBD” to its lexicon (along with bromance, tweetup, and cheeseball, but we digress) for the third edition, published today. The closet staple is clearly not going anywhere, but nice to know that its shorthand is here to stay, too. From the famous LBDs of history (like Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy from Breakfast at Tiffany’s) to those that stalked the runway during the LBD-heavy Fall shows, like Lanvin’s (pictured), the institutionalization of the term feels like credit where credit is due. Use cautiously, though. In certain circles (i.e., ours), “LBD” will always mean short, dark, and fabulous. In others, according, at least, to the American Heritage Dictionary of Abbreviations, something else: laser-beam detector.

Photo: Marcio Madeira/

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